Peoples are so confusing about social media optimization and social media marketing or management so here we you understand very well what is the basic difference between both SMO and SMM and what are benefits gets from business.

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Mobile Websites

Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

  • 63% of cell phone owners use their devices to access the internet
  • 34% of mobile internet users primarily use their phones for internet access
  • Of people who mostly use mobile internet, many don’t own a desktop or laptop computer

Advantages of mobile website.

  • Responsive website design simply means that the visual appearance of your site scales to the size of any device’s screen
  • You only need to make content changes in one place
  • Maintain one website without the need for a mobile app
  • Visitors see the full site and all its content, no matter what device they’re using
  • The content will be presented appropriately whether it’s viewed from a large desktop monitor, a small laptop screen, a tablet, or a smartphone
  • A mobile website is can be completely separate from your website and must be updated separately
  • You need to pick and choose which content you think mobile visitors will most likely want to see
  • To see all of your website content, mobile visitors have to use a desktop or laptop computer